About us

7D Kinematic Metrology Inc. was established in April 2019 as a company under the Amrikart Ultra Precision Group.

7D Kinematic Metrology Inc. is a Canadian company, based in Cambridge, Ontario. Combined with Amrikart Ultra Precision’s proven track record in large-scale tracking and metrology applications, 7D Kinematic Metrology will be the new owner of the iGPS technology. We will improve this technology and promote it in the large-scale metrology industry.

iGPS technology

iGPS is a modular, large-scale, high-accuracy dynamic tracking system that transforms large facilities into accurate tracking-enabled workspaces. Within the facility, the movement of an unlimited number of devices like large assembly parts, tools, and AGVs equipped with iGPS sensors can be tracked concurrently.

This technology enables advanced manufacturing and assembly of large-scale products such as aircraft or aerospace components. The iGPS technology is also used during the development process of automotive active safety and autonomous driving systems.

Easy 6DOF Tracking Solution

Long range, 360° Field of View

Large Volume Inspection Solution

Easy 6D OF Tracking Solution

Long range, 360o Field of View

Large Volume Inspection Solution

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