Advance FAL Processes with Dynamic Part Tracking

There are multiple commercial aircraft FAL processes that iGPS can be used for including :

  • MCA Preparation & Assembly
  • MCA Joining
  • Aerodynamic & Symmetric Verification


The characteristics of iGPS that make is so well suited for FAL include :

  • Large Volume & Scalable – no other instrument can create as large, accurate and adaptable measurement volume
  • Multi-Point Measurement – no other single instrument can measure as many points throughout as large or accurate a volume as iGPS
  • 6DOF tracking – Simultaneous multi-body tracking is more accurate and simpler with iGPS than the same process with multiple single point trackers


With and iGPS system deployed at a FAL facility for multiple purposes additional benefits are realized :

  • Simplicity & Accuracy – an iGPS network behaves as a single instrument doing away with swapping hardware or interface tooling or stacking up uncertainty with instrument alignments
  • Cost & Time Savings – Shared hardware reduces up front costs and the ability to perform multiple concurrent processes maximize cycle time efficiency