AGV Tracking

AGV Tracking

Innovative Optical Tracking with Unmatched Capabilities

Benefits at a glance

  • Large volumes: transmitter range of 60m
  • High accuracy: <0.3mm dynamic uncertainty
  • 6 degrees of freedom: with flexible sensor deployment options
  • Multiple objects: track multiple parts, vehicles, and robots simultaneously and relative to the same coordinate system


System Overview

  • Transmitters establish the measurement volume – create a measurement zone of any size by surrounding it with transmitters
  • Setup is quick and easy – simply walk a bundle tool around the volume or install permanent reference sensors for automatic calibration & continuous system monitoring
  • Measure anywhere where 3 transmitters are visible
  • Dynamic tracking kits provide 6 DOF feedback for live positioning, dynamic referencing, logging or control of automation systems
  • Align to parts and perform feature inspection with any one of three probe options
  • Directly interface with popular metrology & analysis software