iGPS Helps Build Vehicles From the Ground Up

Chassis Assembly

  • Quickly align chassis to build plates or align directly to the chassis with the i6LRP
  • Use the i6 Probe to position key chassis components including brackets & mounts
  • Level critical features using DTKs including engine & axle mounts, draw bar, etc.


Chassis Verification & As-Built Characterization

  • Perform QA inspection of assembled chassis prior to final assembly using the i6 Probes.
  • Collect data using the i5IS for process improvements and as-built adaptation further down the line.


Body Fabrication & Assembly

  • Assemble large components with live feedback using DTKs.
  • Use the i6 LRP to perform body inspection and position fairings & deflectors for aerodynamic optimization.

Final Inspection

  • Perform QA inspection of final assembled vehicle using the i6LRP.