Heavy Industry

Heavy Industry

iGPS Optimizes Assembly and Production Procedures

Unprecedented real-time precision

Manufacturing processes demand efficient solutions to complex processes such as fixturing, drilling, welding, forming, heating, and manipulating. 7D iGPS technology offers unprecedented precision which enables real-time feedback control, decreases defect rate, and improves manufacturing system robustness.

Improve production speed and eliminate rework

Today, processes such as aligning and mating large parts, are imprecise and require manual labor, leading to the potential for human error and unnecessary time wasted on production. With 7D’ iGPS technology, long arduous alignment is a thing of the past. Better precision means you can automate previously manual processes, eliminate drilling unnecessary holes, and avoid additional rework that can result from human error, shaving down extra seconds off your takt time.


Automating your material handling equipment

Dynamic manufacturing requires flexibility and speed, however, leveraging the power of autonomous robots and AGVs only gets you halfway there when it comes to material transport within your facility. To fully automate your material handling, you need ultra-precise technology that offers a longer range and is more robust than cameras. Introducing, the 7D’s iGPS technology — your ticket to making your AGVs and robotics truly autonomous, helping your speed up your loading and unloading processes.