6th Generation Technology Further Increases iGPS Usability & Performance

Higher accuracy over an extended range

New electronics ensure that the 6th generation iGPS technology is virtually unaffected by optical and environmental noise caused by lighting conditions & EMI sources. This reduces systematic biases more than 50%, driving down iGPS measurement uncertainty and improving effective transmitter to sensor range. Thanks to the new sensor technology, combined with

Precision calibration techniques, the latest generation technology achieves a 3d point uncertainty of < 150μm (0.0059in) and a length measurement uncertainty of < 115μm (0.0045in) throughout the entire iGPS measurement volume.


Reliable, compact and easy to use

With wired and wireless communication, support for three different power options, and a configurable sleep mode, the 6th generation iGPS technology can be used in almost any situation. For standalone use, the rechargeable li-ion battery provides 6 hours of continuous operation. To add a new 6th iGPS device into an iGPS network, simply turn it on and the software will automatically recognize and configure it for use. Enhances the strengths of iGPS typical assembly/alignment assistance and dynamic tracking applications include aerospace part/jig alignment, aircraft final assembly, robotic vehicle tracking and machine guidance. G6 sensors can be quickly and easily deployed to track an object’s native coordinate system in 6 degrees of freedom, or provide relative positional feedback of multiple objects.


Larger than 50m working radius


Wired or wireless, three power options

I6 Probe G6

Wireless probe inspect anywhere in iGPS volume



One device dual usages

2m Scalebar G6

Ultra light weight calibration article

iGPS Accessories

From cases, tripods, batteries to tips etc.